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Jason Kenney

An interview with current Alberta Premier Jason Kenney reveals what he really thinks about this ongoing crisis.

Brett Wilson

Respected businessman, investor in Canadian energy projects, and star of the hit show Dragon's Den has a pretty strong opinion about why companies are fleeing Canada for greener pastures.

Theo Fleury

A Calgary hometown hero, Stanley Cup winner, and gold medalist in the Olympics. Theo explains what makes Alberta so special and unique.

Ted Morton

A professor at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy, Dr. Morton has studied Alberta's economic issues extensively, and has been in positions to understand the impact of harmful policies.

Grace Yan

A commercial real estate agent and Women of Inspiration award winner, Grace coaches and provides guidance to business owners, landlords and tennants for commercial real estate.

A history lesson

To understand what is happening in Calgary today, and how devastating the collapse of the oil and gas industry has been to this city, we dig deep into Calgary's history and its intrinsic link to the energy industry.


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